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picture of student studying

1. Plan ahead. 

The Learning Center can be very busy during the semester and it may be difficult to schedule a last minute tutoring appointment.

2. Bring your materials. 

Please bring along your notes, textbook, study guides, and anything else that will be useful.

3. Try your homework. 

Being prepared with specific questions will help you maximize the time you have with your tutor.

4. Come regularly. 

For most students, tutoring is an on-going process.  Weekly appointments help you keep up with material and avoid stressful (and not-very-productive) cram sessions.

5. Have an open mind

Our peer tutors sat in the same classes with the same professors that you have now. Let them share their experience and wisdom with you.

6. Bring a friend. 

As long as he/she will work and is in the same class as you, that is!  Studying in small groups can be fun, provide different insights, and enhance your learning.