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Internship Registration

All students are expected to register credit and noncredit internships with Career Services.

Required for internship registration:

Contact Career Services for a Student Internship/Project Registration form, complete, and return to Career Services. 

To be completed by the student at the conclusion of the internship/project:

Contact Career Services for the Student Evaluation of Internship form, complete, and return to Career Services.

Finding an internship:

  1. Develop a goal for your search.
    -What are your career interests?
    -What kind of experience and skills do you want to gain?
    -What type of organization or company do you want to work in?
  2. Develop your search tools. Use the Penn State Career Guide for information and examples. 
  3. Uncover Opportunities
    -Useful Resources for Internship Search
Required Credited Internships for Penn State Lehigh Valley Baccalaureate Program


Information Sciences and Technology (IST)


Job Posting/Company Verification Disclaimer:

Read the full disclaimer which describes the shared responsibility among Penn State Career Services (including University Park and Commonwealth Campus career offices) and internship/job seekers in researching and identifying potential concerns about the legitimacy of employers and their respective postings.


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To schedule an appointment, contact: