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The purpose of the fee is to provide funds to improve the co-curricular environment for students at Penn State Lehigh Valley. The following principles guide the administration of the fee:


  • Revenue raised will remain at the campus on which it was generated.
  • Revenue should not replace current Student Affairs general funds activities monies.
  • Money generated by the fee should be used for student activities and issues.
  • The student activity fee will not be folded into general tuition funds.
  • The funds raised should be allocated by an appropriate student committee or organization on each campus.
  • The use of the fee should be public knowledge and made available to students.

Any student, staff, or faculty member of the campus community can request activity fee funds. Requests for funds are made on an activity fee proposal form which can be obtained in the Office of Student Affairs.

The Student Activity Fee Committee of Penn State Lehigh Valley is as follows:

  • Director of Student Affairs (chair)
  • Student Government Association President(co-chair)
  • Faculty member
  • Staff member
  • Six students

Student Activity fee funds at Penn State Lehigh Valley have been used to provide entertainment, educational, social and diversity programming. Funds have also been used for recreation equipment, support of clubs and organizations, orientation and fitness center programs.

Student Facility Fee at Work
Funds generated from the Facilities Fee will be used to accommodate improvements and expansion to non-academic, recreation, and multi-use space for students. Penn State Lehigh Valley’s committee for the facilities fee advises the Chancellor on the proposed use of the funds. This committee is composed of students, faculty and staff.

Previous Uses of Student Facilities Fees:

  • New furniture in the Centre Hall and 2nd Floor Lounge
  • Fitness Center renovation
  • Art Galley renovation and construction

SAF forms must be completed by the Wednesday, prior to the SAF meeting. The forms can be accessed here.

For more information about the fees, contact:

Student Affairs