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America Reads

    America Reads is a national program that promotes literacy, and at the local level, an initiative calling on college students to help children learn to read well.  A significant number of Penn State Federal Work Study (FWS) positions have been dedicated to the America Reads effort.  Since its inception in 1997, the America Reads Program at Penn State Lehigh Valley has hired, trained, and placed well over 200 America Reads Reading Partners. 

Students from any major or background are encouraged to apply for positions in America Reads. The first step to becoming a part of America Reads is completing the application. After completing the application, we will contact you to begin the interview process. Interested students can click here to complete the application.

America Reads tutors are responsible for obtaining the following clearances:


 Criminal Background Checks can be completed online and are valid for one year.  The cost of the check is $10. 


Child Abuse Clearances are completed by printing and mailing the form with a $10 money order.  Checks are not accepted.  Child Abuse Clearances are valid for one year. 


FBI Fingerprinting is completed online by registering at a fingerprinting location.  The cost is $28.75.  You should select to have a copy of the results mailed to you.  FBI Fingerprinting is valid for three years. 


Tuberculosis tests are offered on campus for a $15 fee.  Students can also be tested at their family doctor.  Students are responsible for maintaining a copy  of their results.  Test results are valid for one year. 


Students in America Reads are responsible for completing additional paperwork with Barb Schueck (bjs36@psu.edu) in room 103.     







For additional information regarding the America Reads program at Penn State Lehigh Valley contact Leyna Belinsky at lcb20@psu.edu or 610-285-5023.