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Penn State Lehigh Valley has become part of the University’s Emergency Notification System which enables text messages to be sent to cell phones for emergency purposes. Students, faculty, and staff must sign up for availability of this service.

The campus community can sign up for this service for free. Please note, however, individual cell phone providers may charge its customers for in-coming text messages accepted by your cell phone; check with your cell phone carrier or provider for absolute clarification. In any event, Penn State will not charge its recipients for rendering and administering this emergency service.

To sign up, go to http://live.psu.edu/psutxt. Follow the prompts and be certain to check the box for “Lehigh Valley Alerts.” Individuals can sign up for as many Penn State campus alerts as they’d like; however, they may receive many irrelevant text messages.

NOTE: Immediately after signing up, the service will send a test message to your cell phone. Be sure to read the message on your phone and enter the 4-digit code on the Web page as instructed in order to complete your subscription.

Individuals who use multiple cell phones can register each cell phone for this service. Additionally, alerts can be sent to an email address.

Penn State Lehigh Valley’s intention for the alerts service is to use it only for emergencies and campus closings.