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Summer courses open for enrollment

3/9/2011 —

Penn State Lehigh Valley is accepting enrollments for a variety of courses to be held this summer at the campus in Center Valley. Here is a sampling of the available courses:


ART 020: ART020 includes basic instruction in the elements and principles of drawing. Students will receive instruction in basic drawing techniques. Problems related to design, structure, composition, and interpretation will be considered. Course content focuses on observational drawing and recording natural and man-made objects. Additional kinds of drawing will be explored. (GA)

 ASTRO 001: This course is designed to teach you the practical aspects of astronomy. There is some math required (Algebra/Trig). You will be learning to identify constellations and understand the mechanism of the seasons, phases of the moon, and eclipses. There are three exams, three constellation quizzes, and three projects. (GN)

BIOL 141: This online introductory physiology course offers web-based modules allowing students to envision and engage in physiological systems and processes, and to practice important concepts and assess learning through interactive questions, case studies, and quizzes. Textbook content will also be utilized. Final exam can be taken at any Penn State campus. (GN)

CAS 100A: If you want to save time and gas money and earn three credits, this intensive one-week course is for you. The introductory speech class will introduce you to the skills you will need to communicate with excellence. You will learn effective video presentation skills, informational and persuasive speaking. (GWS)

COMM 150: This course meets twice a week to discuss and analyze all forms of cinema. From the earliest days of movies to the current trends, we will share our common cinematic experiences and learn some tricks of the trade. (GA)

ENGL 004 develops the writing skills critical for success in ENGL 015 and other college courses. Course provides intensive practice in sentence, paragraph, and essay writing with emphasis on grammar and punctuation and practice in revision and editing; it is a valuable course for students requiring better preparation for college writing.

GEOSC 020: This course teaches the practical aspects of geology. Activities promote the understanding of plate tectonics; volcanoes and earthquakes; mineral, rock, and fossil identification; a study of geologic processes which have shaped our Lehigh Valley area; geology of selected national parks. There are four exams and two PowerPoint projects. (GN)

HIST 173: The Vietnam Conflict, even today, remains one of the most controversial eras in the history of the United States. This course is designed to explore all facets of this experience. One cannot examine the present without knowing the past. Did the loss of 60,000 plus American lives teach us anything? (GH, IL)

KINES 054: Aikido is a gateway to evolve; it helps people reach their full potential. Learn practical self-defense, projection throws, basic takedowns, and joint control techniques applicable to a wide variety of situations in this hands-on class. Experience a traditional dojo, including proper etiquette, mindset and even Japanese terminology. (GHA)

 MATH 022: This course provides students the opportunity to learn college-level algebra and analytic geometry used in more advanced mathematics courses in calculus, statistics, and matrices. The course is designed to give the student the mathematical background that is necessary for future courses in the social sciences and sciences. (GQ)

PHOTO 100 (1st session): A basic photography course, designed for those with little or no experience in photography. The course comprises technical lectures, laboratory demonstrations, slide lectures of historic and contemporary photography, and critiques of student work. Approximately three hours of laboratory/shooting work is done weekly in addition to scheduled class time. (GA)

 PL SC 001: The course is designed to help students develop their own opinions on a number of controversial issues, and explores the founding, constitutional evolution, and institutions of American national government. We ask how those institutions function today, and how economic, foreign, and environmental policies are decided. (GS)

PSYCH 100: Introduction to Psychology is a five-week course which covers many areas of Psychology such as Biology, Memory, Learning, Cognition, IQ, and more. There are four open book / open note tests. Class participation and attendance also contribute to the overall grade in this really fun course. (GS)

STAT 200: Statistics for Business, Social Sciences, Education, etc. Take a quick, but intensive journey through basic descriptive and inferential statistical techniques. Expect in-class exercises, daily homework, and 3-4 exams. Given student interest, a small (but fun) research project might also be possible. (GQ)


To explore the full schedule of courses, log on to http://schedule.psu.edu/search.cfm.


Among the topics of courses offered are painting, drawing, cinema, math, management, photography, and kinesiology. Some courses will be delivered in online, hybrid, or traditional in-class formats.


For more information, contact the Office of the Registrar at 610-285-5060 or visit www.lv.psu.edu.

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