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Charles Cantalupo to be Guest Lecturer

Charles Cantalupo
2/15/2011 —

Charles Cantalupo will be guest lecturer on Monday, February 21 at 7 p.m. in room 220 at Penn State Lehigh Valley. The title of his talk is "Rooms and Anterooms in American Poetry: Whitman, Frost, Williams, and Wilbur." The event is open to the campus community.


Cantalupo is Distinguished Professor of English, Comparative Literature, and African Studies at Penn State. He teaches at Schuylkill Campus. Characterized by critics as “Joseph Conrad filtered through the prism of Gertrude Stein” (Robert Archambeau), “blessed with far too much on his mind” (Neil Baldwin), “uncompromising” and “unclassifiable” (Bob Holman), Charles Cantalupo goes “where no other US poet dares go…. His is the hard work of getting the idea right on the page, where it sweats and strains, engages a fierce sense of morality, and churns it all up with the power of urgency.” His poetry “dynamically conjoins an historical political consciousness with a visceral metaphysics” (John Bennett) and with his book, Light the Lights, “Not since Melvin B. Tolson's Libretto for the Republic of Liberia has American language registered such a startling and revelatory encounter with the very idea of Africa” (Aldon Nielsen). 


Charles Cantalupo’s books include:


·         poetry – Light the Lights (Red Sea Press, 2004) and Anima/l Wo/man and Other Spirits (Spectacular Diseases, 1996);


·         literary criticism – War and Peace in Contemporary Eritrean Poetry (Mkuki na Nyota, 2009), Ngugi wa Thiong'o: Texts and Contexts (Africa World Press, 1995), The World of Ngugi wa Thiong'o (Africa World Press, 1995), and A Literary Leviathan: Thomas Hobbes's Masterpiece of Language (Bucknell University Press, 1991);


·         and poetry in translation: Who Needs a Story? – Contemporary Eritrean Poetry in Tigrinya, Tigre and Arabic (Hdri Publishers, 2006), We Invented the Wheel (Red Sea Press, 2002), and We Have Our Voice: Selected Poetry of Reesom Haile (Red Sea Press, 2000), which is also available on CD (Asmarino.com).


The writer and director of the documentary Against All Odds (African Books Collective, 2007) and a co-author of the historic “Asmara Declaration on African Languages and Literatures,” he lives in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, 100 yards north of the grave of H.D. (Hilda Doolittle).

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