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Penn State Lehigh Valley offers Summer Youth Writing Camps

6/1/2010 —

The Lehigh Valley Writing Project at Penn State Lehigh Valley is offering two-week, half-day Youth Writing Camps July 19 – 30 and August 2 – 13 at the Center Valley campus. Camps are offered in the morning (9 a.m. – 12 noon) or the afternoon (1 – 4 p.m.).


Morning Camp experiences offered are:

Author Adventures - Come on a real adventure! Read, write, and learn about your favorite authors. You’ll create your own book and become an author, too. For students entering grades 2–3


Creative Composers - Creativity is the name of the game at this camp! Use your imagination to enter a world of fantastic fictional fun. You’ll learn that your ideas and ingenuity are virtually endless. For students entering grades 4–6


Wanna-Be Writers - Wanna be a writer? No, you are gonna be a writer! Explore a wide range of writing styles and discover the author inside you. Mystery, Fantasy, Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction—you decide! For students entering grades 7–9


College-Bound - Sharpen your skills to prepare for college. Write in a variety of forms, including memoir, personal, and expository. Extra attention will be paid to developing writing skills for college application essays and SATs. For students entering grades 10–12


Afternoon Camp experiences include:

Drama Dabblers - Bring your favorite stories to life through the art of acting! Take on the personalities of various characters, write your own plays, and experiment with props…you’ll be ready for the big stage!  For students entering grades 2-3


Paper-Making Poetry - Use your heart, head, and hands to transform ordinary paper into extraordinary art and use everyday objects as canvases to be written and drawn upon. Perfect for kids who love crafts, sculpture, and poetry-writing! For students entering grades 2-6


Science Writers - Silly putty, sunblock, and short stories! Become a summer scientist while investigating your inner writer. Fun experiments will have you creating your own works of art through chemistry and words. For students entering grades 4-6


Comic Strip Creations - Wham-Zam! Embark on a cool adventure while creating headlining heroes and vicious villains! Explore the art of cartoon illustration, and develop your own story line to bring the comic strip to life. Includes computer animation. For students entering grades 5-8


Digital Storytelling - Use a variety of technologies to publish stories that include sound and images. Incorporate your own digital pictures and spend time capturing video footage…all leading up to a technological masterpiece! For students entering grades 9-12


For more information about the Youth Writing Camps, call 610-285-5231. Or visit the Web site at www.lvwp.org/camps.


Each camp is designed and taught by certified National Writing Project Fellows. The Lehigh Valley Writing Project at Penn State Lehigh Valley is a National Writing Project program dedicated to developing literacy and communication skills, and offers a variety of professional development programs including teacher in-service workshops, Penn State graduate credit courses, continuing education seminars, and the Summer Institute.
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