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Nationally-recognized speaker to discuss how women are changing the world

Pam Varkony
4/7/2010 —

Pamela Varkony, a nationally-recognized speaker and writer, will give the final talk of the 2009-2010 Faculty Lecture Series, at 1 p.m. on Wednesday, April 14, in room 209 at the Penn State Lehigh Valley campus in Center Valley. Varkony will discuss, "Courage and Commitment: How Women are Changing the World."


"Women have long been defined by the socialization process of their respective cultures. From the saint or sinner stereotypes of the Middle Ages to the youth and beauty obsessed culture of today, whether a woman wears a miniskirt or a burqua, she often lives by someone else's rules," said Varkony. "But money is power, and women are starting to realize that economic independence means more than the ability to shop; it means clout at the ballot box, the board room, and the bedroom."


During her presentation, Varkony will also discuss how emerging markets are contributing to more than just the global economy by creating a new class of independent women who are taking on entrenched systems and centuries-old networks.


"The purchasing power of women now represents an economy twice as large as China and India combined. And real leaders are starting to emerge from the ranks of women who just a few decades ago could not leave their homes unaccompanied," said Varkony.


Pamela Varkony is known for her insights on leadership, politics, and current affairs. She has provided professional development strategies and motivational keynotes for organizations from the Fortune 500 to entrepreneurial start-ups, and presented lectures at institutions as varied as King's College and the Navy Seabee Training Center.

A self-described "citizen of the world," Varkony travels the globe with the goal of helping to change it through both her work and her advocacy. She has taught management techniques to female entrepreneurs in emerging markets, established a leadership program for one of the Czech Republic’s largest corporations, and twice traveled to Afghanistan as a writer, consultant, and advocate.


She is a recipient of the Athena Award for business achievement; the American Association of University Women’s "Gateway Award" for leadership in women’s issues; a "Woman of Distinction" award from the Girl Scouts, as well as the Business Council for Peace VERA Award for her work in Afghanistan.


For more information, contact University Relations at 610-285-5067.

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