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Professor's latest book examines historic presidential bid of Hillary Clinton

8/12/2009 —

When Barack Obama accepted the nomination as the Democratic candidate for president in 2008, the media were quick to point out that Hillary Clinton lost. In her new book, Almost Madam President:  Why Hillary Clinton 'Won' in 2008, Nichola D. Gutgold, Ph.D., associate professor of communication arts and sciences at Penn State Lehigh Valley, argues that Hillary Clinton gained more than she lost in her bid for the presidency.


"All around the world women are presidents and prime ministers, yet in America, we have yet to elect the first woman president," says Gutgold. "Hillary Clinton won almost 18 million votes, and was the first front-runner woman candidate. I wanted this book to be a rhetorical journey through the 2008 primary and analyze the role communication played in how close Clinton came to being the Democratic nominee"


The book, published in July 2009 by Lexington Books, is an account of Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid with special emphasis on her communication skills and media coverage, from her sophisticated You Tube style announcement speech to her ardent campaigning on behalf of her rival, Barack Obama, and the stump speeches, plentiful debates, and notable media moments in between.  The book features several photos from Hillary Clinton’s campaign trail and offers an analysis of her public speaking and debate skills.


Nichola Gutgold teaches a variety of communication courses, and advises for the student newspaper, State of the Valley.  She also serves as the representative for the College of Communications and is liaison for part-time faculty.  Her research examines the communication skills needed for women to be successful in male dominated fields. Gutgold's other books include:  Seen and Heard: The Women of Television News, (Lexington Books, 2008), Paving the Way for Madam President (Lexington Books, 2006) and Elizabeth Hanford Dole:  Speaking from the Heart, with co-author Molly Wertheimer, professor of communication arts and sciences at Penn State Hazleton (Praeger Press, 2004). Gutgold is a member of the International Communication Association, National Communication Association, Eastern Communication Association, and the 2008-2009 President of the Pennsylvania Communication Association. She serves on the Board of Directors of LifePath.    

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