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  • Student aid is defined as any resource that supplements what parents and students are expected to contribute to meet the costs of a college education. 
  • Penn State students receive four types of student aid:
  • grants
  • scholarships
  • loans
  • work study
  • Each type of student aid contains several individual programs.


  • Grants are awarded based solely on financial need and have no requirement of repayment.
  • They may come from the Federal government, the state, or the University.
  • To be considered for a grant, you must fill out the FAFSA.

Scholarships are awarded for academic achievement. Eligibility is based on merit and, in many cases, financial need. There is no requirement of repayment.

  • University Scholarships
    These are awarded on the basis of superior high school or college academic performance.  All students are automatically considered for University scholarships. In most cases, documented financial need is also a requirement.
    Click here for a list of Penn State Lehigh Valley scholarships.
  • Military Scholarship Assistance (AROTC, AFROTC, NROTC)
    One-, two- and three-year scholarships are available to both male and female students enrolled in one of the Reserve Officers Training Corps programs. These scholarships pay tuition, books, and lab fees. They also pay from $250 to $400 per month (stipend), freshmen through senior, for up to 10 months of each school year.
  • Non-University Scholarship
    Various local service groups, organizations, schools, and industries offer scholarships to college students. Students are encouraged to research these possibilities for additional assistance. Visit the main Student Aid website http://www.psu.edu/studentaid to begin your search. 


Loans are low interest awards that must be repaid after students terminate their studies at the University.


Work-Study is a need-based aid program. Students can earn money for school expenses by working.  Work-study earnings are not applied directly to the semester bill; students receive a pay check.

More information about Work-Study can be found on our website.



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