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Are you a former Penn State student who would like to re-enroll to complete your degree? Did you have a leave of absence from the University, or would you like to return for a second associate or baccalaureate degree?

Review the information below to see what your next step is.

Academic Renewal:

Academic renewal (policy 58-60) provides an opportunity for former students to resume their academic career without being penalized by their past academic record.
  • Minimum period of four years without enrolling in any Penn State credit course
  • Previous cumulative grade-point average was less than a 2.00


A student who has been dropped from the University because of unsatifsactory scholarship is eligible to request reinstatement to degree candidacy (policy 54-80) if the following conditions have been met:

  • Reduced the grade-point deficiency at the time of the drop by at least one-half.
  • Reduced the grade-point deficiency below the point at which the student would be dropped again.
  • Met any additional requirements for entrance to the college and major in which reinstatement is sought.


Reenrollment allows a former degree candidate (policy 58-00) to resume degree candidacy. Re-enrollment is appropriate if you:

  • Withdrew from the University
  • Interrupted continuous degree enrollment during fall/spring semester
  • Were dismissed or suspended for nonacademic reasons
  • Invalidated a leave of absence
  • Plan to return for a second associate or baccalaureate degree
  • Plan to return for graduation
  • Voluntarily changed your enrollment status to nondegree

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