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Are you ready to graduate?

If you are planning to graduate from Penn State Lehigh Valley, it will be necessary to take the following steps: 

Meet with your Adviser

Use eLion to request a current degree audit and review it with your Academic Adviser. You should meet with your adviser during the semester prior to when you intend to graduate. This will ensure that you are on track to meet all degree requirements. If you are missing course, credit, or grade requirements, you will NOT be able to graduate. You cannot graduate with missing or deferred grades.

Declare your Intent to Graduate
It is your responsibility to notify the University of your intent to graduate. You can do this by using the Graduating This Semester application on the eLion menu. This must be done during the Intent to Graduate Activation period for the semester in which you plan to graduate. Please refer to the Academic Calendar. If you do not file your intent to graduate, you will not officially graduate from the University. If you missed the activation deadline for your intended semester of graduation, you must contact the Graduation Coordinator in the Lehigh Valley Registrar’s Office, Katherine Eck.

Check your Address
You will be receiving important graduation information in the mail, so it is important that your address is up to date. You can check your address on eLion by selecting the Address Information tab. Make sure that your permanent address is correct.

Transfer your Credits
It is preferable to avoid taking classes at another institution during your intended semester of graduation. If you do, you MUST ensure that Penn State receives your grades on time. To inquire about graduation deadlines, please contact Katherine Eck.

Transfer credits should be sent to:
Undergraduate Admissions
Penn State University
Attention: Karen Scott
201 Shields Building
University Park, PA 16804-3000
phone: 814-863-1437


Commencement Information
View Lehigh Valley Commencement Ceremony Details

Are you a Lehigh Valley student who plans to participate in Spring Commencement?
Please take the following necessary steps:

Check your Mail.
If you have declared your intent to graduate, you will receive important graduation information in the mail by the 10th week of the spring semester. (The Lehigh Valley campus has only one commencement ceremony and it is held in May.)

This information will include:
  • The date and time of the commencement rehearsal and ceremony
  • How and when to purchase your cap and gown from the Bookstore (610-285-5015). If you already have a cap and gown or plan to purchase your gown from another Bookstore, please contact Katherine Eck, kde1@psu.edu or 610-285-5057 to indicate your intention to participate in Commencement.
  • Ticket information

Are you a student at another Penn State campus who wants to participate in Commencement at Lehigh Valley?
Refer to the Alternate Commencement Site for more information.

More Information About Graduation and Commencement

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