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Enter a College or Major

Most students enter a major during spring of their sophomore year (their pool semester) by following the Entrance-to-Major (ETM) process on eLion. This applies to students entering controlled majors.

If a student chooses to enter a major or college without enrollment controls, they may do so as soon as they meet the Major/College minimum entrance requirements.

For additional information, contact the appropriate advising center at:

The time for declaration of major varies among the colleges. However, before attaining fifth-semester classification, students enrolled in a college generally must gain entrance to a major in order to continue registration as degree candidates unless an exception has been granted.

Changing from Provisional to Degree Status

A provisional student must complete a minimum of 18 credits (9 credits for associate-degree programs) with no less than a 2.00 cumulative grade-point average in Penn State courses and meet entry requirements.

To be admitted to degree status, students must complete the online application for undergraduate admission.

Change of Major Requirements and Procedures

Students may change their major if the entrance requirements are met. Students who have not met the entrance requirements can apply for pre-major status in the appropriate college. The student must complete the online change of major form, print, and submit it to the Registrar’s office in Room 103.

Change of Campus Requirements and Procedures

The University admits first-semester baccalaureate degree candidates to a campus that can provide at least two semesters of normal progress toward the program they have selected. Generally, students are expected to complete two full years of academic work at their initial campus.

Relocation to University Park during the first two years of academic work will be approved only under exceptional circumstances. Students requesting a change to another Commonwealth campus should first complete a change of location form available in the Registrar’s office in Room 103. The student must obtain approval from officials at his/her campus (first) and at the desired campus (second) in order for the change to be processed. The student will need an Academic Adviser’s signature to process the request.

Entrance to a Minor Requirements and Procedures

A minor is an academic program that supplements a major. Minors require a minimum of 18 credits and typically no more than 21 credits with at least credits at the 400 level. A student may complete more than one minor if he/she is interested in developing an emphasis in additional disciplines.

Applications for a minor are accepted any time after you have completed 60 credits. You may apply for a minor by submitting a completed entrance to minor application form to the Registrar’s office in Room 103.