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students in classroom and student on computerPenn State Lehigh Valley introduced FlexLearning in January 2013 and began offering FlexLearning courses that summer. As of spring 2015, the campus has offered more than 33 different FlexLearning courses with over one thousand students participating.

What is FlexLearning?

FlexLearning is a course delivery method that offers students flexibility in their approach to learning. With FlexLearning, students have the choice of taking a class completely online, completely face-to-face in the classroom, or a combination of the two. They choose the participation method best suited to their unique situations. Students who choose one option over the other will have equivalent learning opportunities and outcomes.

Are all FlexLearning courses the same?

No, not all FlexLearning courses are the same. Each instructor has the freedom to organize and deliver a FlexLearning course as he or she sees fit. A FlexLearning course must be available in both online and classroom delivery formats. Instructors decide what the equivalent learning components are and how the students will engage with the course materials, with the instructor, and with the other students in class.

What is the difference between a FlexLearning course and a blended or hybrid course?

With blended or hybrid courses, there are synchronous activities and/or classroom attendance requirements.  With FlexLearning courses, students have choices.

Want to know more?

For additional information about FlexLearning at Penn State Lehigh Valley, visit the FlexLearning website. Send comments or questions to Dr. Carolina McCluskey (cpsm@psu.edu).


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